Wednesday, July 6, 2016

President's Message: Keeping an Eye on Business Issues Across Florida

As we continue to monitor issues that affect how you run your business, there are a couple of things across the state we want to bring to your attention.

First, during a council meeting last month, the City of Miami Beach approved an increase in the minimum wage for the businesses operating in its city.  The increase will take the minimum wage in Miami Beach to more than $13 per hour by 2019.  You may ask why we’re concerned about something happening in Miami Beach.  We’re concerned because it sets a terrible precedent that involves government getting into the management of local businesses.  By mandating an increase in the minimum wage, they have mandated a cost increase to the business, making it more costly to run a business in Miami Beach.  If it costs more to run a business, the business owner must pass that cost on to the customer and consumer, making it more expensive to conduct business with that business.  While we do not feel that the Destin City Council, Okaloosa County Commission, or the Walton County Commission would pass this kind of ordinance, we’ll monitor this issue closely across the state.

Another concern we have is the increase in workers’ compensation insurance.  Due to a decision handed down from the Florida Supreme Court, it appears an increase in workers’ compensation of 17.1% is coming on Aug. 1.  From the Florida Chamber: “the potential impact of the high court’s ruling could threaten Florida’s improving business climate. That’s because job creators now face a 17.1 percent workers’ comp rate increase — a rate filing proposed by the National Council on Compensation Insurance.”  Again, another mandate that increases the cost of operating a business in Florida.

Rest assured that we will continue our partnership with the Florida Chamber and monitor issues such as these.  We’ll lobby to keep down the cost of operating a business in Florida.  We’ll continue to advocate for businesses and strengthen our community.

With wishes for continued success,

Shane A. Moody, CCE, FCCP
President and CEO

Destin Chamber

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