Thursday, February 20, 2014

President's Message - New Methods of Communication

In an effort to improve our communications with our members and our community, and to more effectively relay our activities and accomplishments to those groups, the Destin Area Chamber of Commerce is opening new lines of messaging and communicating. 

First, we will no longer print a NETWORK newsletter.  We will replace it with a weekly blog that will contain the information you need to be as up to date as possible on your Chamber.  We will continue to produce Tuesday Talking Points, our e-newsletter, that will continue to provide any and all information about our events, and provide you with new, exciting ways to advertise your business.  We’ll continue our weekly Thursday event update email as well.

One of the new communication tools we will be offering is in partnership with The Destin Log.  Each month, the Log will print in the newspaper a two-page Destin Area Chamber of Commerce update.  This will put the chamber front and center with all subscribers.  Part of that partnership is an opportunity for you to advertise in this section.

The Destin Log will handle all advertising sales for this new opportunity.  If a representative from the Log calls you, please give them a few minutes and hear what they have to say.

With our new mission statement, “Advocating for business, strengthening our community”, these new opportunities fit perfectly.  After all, it’s providing new and exciting opportunities to you that help us meet our mission of building this world-class community one business at a time.

With wishes for continued success,
Shane A. Moody, CCE, FCCP

President and CEO

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